Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Diversion Weir at Khariya Ghat in Maharashtra, India

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Command Area Development having Culturable Command Area of 25000 Ha in Bihar, India

Remodelling / Rectification of existing structures to accommodate Head Losses, Jharkhand, India

Sub-associate for Project Management Consultancy for Lift Canal and Irrigation System in Odisha, India

Project Management regarding Construction Management, Quality Management, Certification of Running Account Bills and Final Bill, Site Supervision, Review and Verification of Data / Documents / Specifications of equipment submitted by the Contractor and provide help in taking over the Lift Irrigation Schemes of the clusters, transfer of land, contract closing activities and rendering necessary technical assistance for accreditation/registration etc.

Project Management Consultancy of Irrigation Scheme in Rwanda, Africa

Project Management Consultancy of Lift irrigation scheme to cover an area of 1515 Ha/ 2149 Ha and supply water to the already existing Dam scheme of 441 Ha/ 520 Ha pipe hydrant hose system. The components will include, Civil, Mechanical, Hydro-Mechanical, Intake Works, Pumping Stations, Storage Reservoirs, Distribution System consisting of Pipes, Sprinklers and Central Pivot System and appurtenant works. The Irrigation distribution system consists of two (2) types – Conventional Sprinklers and Centre Pivot System.

Project Management Consultancy of Tomato Processing Plant in Rwanda, Africa

The Exim Bank, on behalf of the Government of India (GOI) has extended a Line of Credit (LOC) to the Government of the Republic of Rwanda. The Rwanda Agriculture Board, Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, has initiated a project for Tomato processing plant for Agro processing and value addition in Republic of Rwanda. Two Production lines are proposed: (i) Tomato Paste / Puree Production Line and (ii) Tomato Ketchup Production Line. Workshops, laboratories, repair and maintenance facilities related to Tomato Processing Plant shall also be established. Procurement, installation and commissioning of machineries, workshop machinery & tools, Laboratory Equipments. Trainings and modules for Tomato Processing Plant to be imparted to machine operators, boiler operators, refrigeration mechanics, plumbers, machinists, welders, fire fighters. Training is also envisaged for lower management and marketing personnel as well as for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

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